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About Us

The Centennial High School Alumni Association was founded January 10, 1987. The Principal of Centennial High School at that time was Henry E. Jefferson. Mr. Jefferson beckoned all of the Centennial High School Graduates to come back to the reservation to be an encouragement to the students and to be an example of what it means to be an Apache.

The Association under the leadership of past President Frizell Clegg class of 1964 was able to perform much of its intended purpose. Scholarships were awarded, the Association gave assistance with school activities; as well as School cleanup and repairs.

Funds were raised for the Alumni Association through annual membership fees, donations and sponsored activities. In 1989 the Alumni Association disbanded.

The Centennial High School Alumni Association was re-established under the leadership of the current President Dr. Benny G. McCrumby Sr. class of 1971 in 2009.

Under the re-establishment the Alumni Association has contributed to the Centennial High School campus as a whole (the Football Team in 2010, the 2011 Homecoming, $ for the ASB in 2011, Prom assistance in 2012, $ for the Track Team in 2012).

The Alumni Association plans to continue awarding Scholarships; as well as assist the School with school activities and overall School preservation.

This goal of being able to assist our Alma Mater can only be made possible through your Alumni memberships, generous donations, and contributions.

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